As part of the AMERICA KNEELS Initiative, God led us to also start an AFRICA KNEELS Movement in June this year (2022), and today we can report back that countries like Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria & Tanzania has put up their hands and organised their own Africa KNEEL events - specifically for their countries..!!

And after each Event - be it a Conference and/or Crusade - we have seen so many miracles already in these countries...!! We encourage you, visit our Testimonies page, as well as any of the relevent Country Kneels event pages, to see photos and feedback from each event, and the greater miracles that have occurred in these respective countries during and after each event, which we truly believe was mostly due to the events, where a number of people  obediently humbled themselves, and cried out to God for Forgiveness, Repenting, Interceding and Praying for their respective countries...all based on 2 Chron 7:13-14..!!!

Nigeria Kneels is Due for Saturday November 19th, and Tanzania Kneels is due for December 1st-4th, 2022..

Thus, we invite you to join us in praying & interceding for these countries, as well as for the Rest of Africa through Repentance, asking God to bless the land, and bring healing to the nations of Africa..

THUS: Please visit our Africa Kneels website - and let us know if you are standing with Africa - They need all the prayer and support they can get !!

And you are welcome, if you want, to make a small donation towards these projects. These pastors have all arranged these crusades by faith using most of their own finances, and a few extra donations, and have built up some debt which still needs to be paid.

But their hearts are for their countries crying out to God, wanting to see God move in their respective nations - as they want to see revival, healing, deliverance -  people coming back to our Lord, and Savior - their First Love - JESUS !!

Thus, please consider making a donation, no amount is too small - and we will send you our current E-Book "AMERICA KNEELS - A GOD SOLUTION", as a Thank You Gift..!!

Every donation will go for this work in Africa, to reach out to even more countries, encouraging them to also join in, and start praying for their respective countries as well...

And if you are living in Africa, and your country hasn't been mentioned above, and you want to join in on these initiatives, please feel free to Register your Country (see the registration form below or on the Africa Kneels website), and we will get in touch with you, and work with you to also host an event or a crusade like this !!


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