Will enough Americans who are called by His Name humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn---really repent---from their wicked ways,  so that He will hear from heaven, forgive sin and heal their land?   

Only the Holy Spirit will know the right number--- but even a small number may work, given the Lord wanting only 300 to help Gideon.  God used those without fear and those who got down on their knees and lapped, putting their hands in the water to their mouth,   so that God rightfully would receive ALL the glory for delivering any nation. 

The goal for  America Kneels on April 30 2022, given an estimated 330 million Americans,  is for at least  33,000, one out of every 10,000 Americans , to  sign up and actually spend time at some point, one on One,  repenting to God on April 30. 

Is this God-based strategy speaking to you!   Are you an American? Will you be one of  the 10,000,  who, without fear will be kneeling, repenting to God ?


And which nation will be next?  Will it be Malawi Kneels?  Canada Kneels?  Australia Kneels? May the LORD touch many in many nations with the insight into God's Gift of Repentance and God's Solution to heal a land.

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