Australia Standing with the USA !!

We first of all want to Thank everyone for Registering thus far on our website – committing and wanting to join this initiative – of Humbling yourselves and standing with us before God – even for just an hour, showing to God we are serious about Repenting, and asking Him to bring Healing and Restoration to America.

From the comments and messages we have received thus far, we know there is a Remnant in America, who are praying, and who yearns for God to bring Healing and Restoration to America..!!!

But what we are even more excited about – is that we have had responses from people outside of America as well, Supporting this Vision – of which Australia is just one country, supporting and Praying for the USA.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ in the key nation of Australia have stood/kneeled with us time and again. This year again they show their love for God’s Solution to heal a nation: humble repentance and then prayer. Our brother Warwick Marsh gives an excellent overview in this short video:

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