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Could it be Malawi, South Africa, Ukraine, Australia, UK, Pakistan,... ??

If you feel that your country desperately need a time of Repentance, seeking the Lord..., and you sense the Holy Spirit nudging you to do something like this, and arrange a Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer, then Register your Country below, and we will Work with you, Trusting the Lord that He will give you the Wisdom, as to how to go about planning & arranging a day for your nation.

We will be here, Walking the Road with you, and even assist in Promoting your event, calling as many people from your nation as well as people from anywhere else on the Globe to join in with you, on the Date you Picked for your Nation to humbly seeking the Lord for His Forgiveness, and to bring Healing in your Nation.

You don't have to be a Famous Pastor nor a President in order to call for a Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer...And neither do you have to have the whole nation join you either...  All you need is to have a heart for Repentance, earnestly seeking the Lord, and have a passion for your nation to come to the Lord, trusting Him that He will do the rest...


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For a Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer !

By Completing the Registration Form below you are Agreeing to the following:

1. You count yourself as one of those whom God calls “..My people called by My name..” in 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14.

2. You believe in His Solution to Humble Yourself and Pray, seek His face and turn from your wicked ways

3. You believe our Lord Jesus / Yeshua is returning soon as our Bridegroom, and that He sees us, His believers, as His Bride.

4. You wish to be counted among those who will turn from their wicked ways so that He will hear from heaven, forgive your sin, and heal your land.

5. As a gift to Him, You are PREPARED to be used by Him, to Reach Your Country for His Glory !

6. As the Holy Spirit encourages you, you will take up His free gift of repentance, open to being “zealous to repent.” (Revelation 3:19).

And through this Registration, we commit to stand with you in prayer and support, to help you Arrange and Promote your Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer in your Country!

As our Blessing and Thanks to you for Registering, we will send you our current E-Book "AMERICA KNEELS - A GOD SOLUTION" 

America Kneels - A God Solution

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So that we can reach many more with God's Gift of Repentance, His Solution to Heal Our Land!

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